Race Training

At 7S Racing Stables, there's nothing like the fall of the year and the starting of the next years prospects.  Anyone that has ever ran a horse, knows that patience and conditioning win races and gives horses the best shot at a long racing career.  We start all our colts with a lot of ground work in our smaller round pen.  Ground driving colts, help the colts to learn voice commands and become comfortable with all that comes in the future. We use pony horses to start all of our colts when we first get on them.  It's like giving the young horse a security blanket to help keep them calm and learning without risking injury.  As a young horse starts to progress, we move to 1st., the large round pen, 120 ft. in diameter, which lets colts travel freely, but still under control, then onto the training track, first with the pony horse and later on their own, then passing through the starting gates, learning to stand, back out, and of course leave the gates.  Whether you come to buy one of our prospects or send us your young horse, the advantage we give you, gives you a better chance at the winners circle.  If you don't start your race colts here, then you will have to try to out run the ones that do!


Off  Season Services

From April to September, 7S breaks and trains young horses for all kinds of equine activities.  Whether you just need a colt broke to ride or started on cattle, or used for any other sport that you may enjoy, we can help.  Again with experience in roping, cutting, pleasure, barrel, or just a good old riding horse, we know hoe to get your colts to the point that you want them and at an affordable price.  Horse, be it racing or pleasure, all start the same, ground work to round pen.  Moving forward at a pace that the horse can understand and become comfortable, which is the key.  No two horses are alike.



7S Equine Ranch, is the perfect location for your equine boarding needs.  Our mare care is as good as it gets, from vaccination schedules to nutrition.  Mares are the foundation for great foals and trouble free foaling.  Our foaling facilities are second to none from our barns to holding pens.  We care and provide you with the best chance at trouble free foaling.

7S also takes in many young horses, from weaning or auction.  We can provide your young horses with all they need for a great start.  Pick them up when you are ready or leave them for us to start for you, again we can help with all of your needs.

7S is the best choice for your equine partners rehabilitation, from surgery to full recovery, we can and will help.